A guided, fully catered, walking tour in the beautiful Wartrail.

5 days/6 nights of memorable vistas, views and experiences.  Let us do all your heavy lifting, feeding and planning, whilst you walk amongst some of the most beautiful farms in the area. Swim in river streams, picnic in the dappled shade of poplar trees and explore Wartrail at your leisure.

Evenings will see you gazing upon starry night skies, sleeping in comfortable cave shelters or beneath Acacia tree canopies.  With Frosty Peaks, you’ll discover hidden gems only true locals can show you!

Organised Dates for 2022 / 2023

September – fully booked
31 October – 5 November
12 December – 17 December
23 January – 28 January

Can’t make those dates….?

Chat with us to arrange a unique hiking/walking tour that suits your dates, abilities and interests.

For more details and information please contact:

Bella Viedge  – assistant to Kim and Peter Frost

083 633 0417 – whatsapp only
045 0500 880